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Relax & Enjoy

Maybe all you want to do is sit in the cool of the garden with a good book. Maybe on the veranda overlooking the gardens.

In winter by the open fire might be the go.

We enjoy board games and have good collection for guests to enjoy. Being a little more active then croquet or French boules in the garden is available.

In Bushy Park gentle walks to the village pond and Hop Kilns can be taken. For views the stroll up to the cemetery at the back provides a good panorama of the Derwent Valley.

Hawthorn Lodge DinnerWe do serve lunch and teas and dinner.

We have a communal guest lounge with TV, books and local information. Our internet is very high speed so a good chance to browse.

A short drive away is Mt Field National Park with the short walk to Russell Falls and in the other direction New Norfolk with a pleasant river walk.

For residents and their guests, we serve excellent value, beer, wine, cider, spirits and soft drinks.

The horse in the paddock is very friendly and can be stroked. If there are apples on the ground, do feel free to pick up and feed.

The chickens love human contact and can be picked up. They might follow you around the garden.

The wild ducks we feed each day and they will take food from your hand. They live on the water race at the back of the house.

Hawthorn Lodge Chickens


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