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Overland Track in Tasmania is the best long distance walk in Australia. Marie and David are totally committed to making sure that everyone we help to undertake the Overland Track has a fantastic time and remains as a lifetime memory. Do check out our overland track transfers.


Overland Track Information

The Overland Track Tasmania is perfect for many reasons as we have discovered from the many groups and individuals with ages ranging from 10 to 81, from all walks of life and numerous countries that we have supported and helped.

By driving and accommodating numerous walkers we have collected many stories and much useful advice that we are very happy to share with all. Some recounted below, but also feel very free to email Marie.

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You do the walk, you carry everything, you cook and you find your own way.  We support your adventure and provide transport to the start and finish and accommodation and meals before and after.

In our experience, everyone is quite able to manage the overland track on their own. The track is well marked, the huts are well maintained, there are others on the track and rangers patrol. Even the most nervous we have dropped off at Cradle Mountain come back confident. Most are talking about where next? Maybe the South Coast Track or Port Davey Track both of which we support.

One hundred per cent of people we have looked after have totally enjoyed it and come back in the highest of spirits. No one has had any issue that became serious. Yes, some have had shoes destroyed and nearly ended bare foot but some crafty repairs and they completed. All, have wonderful stories and always a pleasure for Marie and David to hear them as we drive towards Hobart from Lake St Clair.

The track is well marked and hard to get lost. In parts, it can be muddy after rain. However, a lot of board walk has been laid by Tasmania National Parks and they do an excellent job to maintain he path and make it easy for all.

In winter, there is a very high chance of snow or almost certain. In the summer snow is possible so you must come prepared for very cold conditions. Most groups report they have experienced every single type of weather on the walk so do be prepared for all weathers. It can also change fast.

There are National Park Rangers on the track who will check you have the permit, they will provide advice and assist in any emergency.

You tend to meet the same people each night as most follow the same itinerary. The stories we hear are all very positive and often very international.

So, if you are all ready to give it go then do please let us transfer you and provide your Overland Track accommodation before and after. We know our overland track package represents the best value of any combination and the cheapest way to do. Many have done the calculations and all say the same.

Below some useful information to help you plan your overland walk in Tasmania.


Overland Track Itinerary

The overland walk takes you from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. A distance of 65 kilometres. That is 17 kilometres short of the Lake St Clair Visitor Centre where the road reaches. You then have the option of taking the Lake St Clair ferry for $40/person, at times more if the numbers using the ferry are low or walk alongside the lake.

Most walkers take 6 days and 5 nights. This can be done quicker. If you are doing the side trips including climbing Mount Ossa, then the 6 days will be needed.

Check out the itinerary on this page


Book Overland Track

The overland walk is one way from October to May with a start at Cradle Mountain. You must book a slot and pay for an overland track permit. This is done online with the Tasmania National Parks (03 6233 6047). From June to September there is no need for an overland track permit and all you need is the national park visitor pass.


Overland Track Huts

A series of public huts are all free to use. They vary in size, the largest Pelion sleeps 60 and the smallest Echo Point sleeps 8.




Overland Track Food

How much and what food to carry is a challenge. We share ideas on food and menu planning on this page:




Overland Track Gear

Gear can be expensive so needs thought. Consider hiring or buying second hand if not sure if you will be using again. We share ideas on this page:




Overland Track Fauna

We share ideas on this page




Overland Track Tips

Guests always offer tips on what worked well for them or what they would do next time. On this page, we share tips.




Overland Track Camping

You have to carry a tent as a condition of walking the track. Many carry and not use. Others only camp. We discuss more on camping on this page.




Overland Track Ferry

You must book the Lake St Clair ferry if you are using at the end of the overland track. Details on this page.




Overland Track Side Trips

If walking the track over 6 days there is plenty of time to do some of the overland side trips. The more popular overland track side trips details on this page.





Overland Track Transfers & Accommodation Made Easy

Logistics for the overland track are complicated as a one way walk. Our very popular overland track package provides transport, accommodation before and after along with bag storage and Marie’s wonderful dinner. This we offer at a price cheaper (and much easier) than if you try and coordinate yourself.

How it works is detailed below.

To book just email us AT



We pick you up in Hobart or Hobart Airport. We suggest arrive in the afternoon. The drive north from Hobart along the Derwent River to Hawthorn Lodge takes around 40 minutes. We will stop if needed at Woolworths in New Norfolk for any last-minute provisions and to buy if using, methanol fuel.  Gas canisters we can supply at cost.

Relax, sort out equipment and then enjoy our included three course dinner at 6.30pm. We offer for sale good value beer, cider and wine.

If you arrive early and want to spend time in Hobart take the Hobart Airporter Shuttle and then store your bags at the luggage store next to the bus terminal in Liverpool Street and we will pick you up at 4.30pm. We can do similar for MONA.

Please note:
Whilst Hobart is further than Launceston from the start at Cradle Mountain the transfer time from Hawthorn Lodge to Cradle Mountain is only about one hour longer. The return is considerably shorter and avoids a long drive after completing the overland track. Hobart being the capital has the significant advantage of many more flights and often much cheaper. 

Drive to start at Cradle Mountain

Enjoy breakfast and depart at 7am or earlier if you wake and ready. We then drive via the Great Lake on very quiet scenic roads to Deloraine. This takes just under two hours. A toilet stop, coffee or tea and then we drive up to Cradle Mountain.

We aim to arrive around 10.15. This allows plenty of time to climb Cradle Mountain and/or enjoy a last minute coffee and be ahead of the main rush.

Register, take the shuttle bus from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre to the start at Ronny Creek and your first night at Waterfall Valley.

Meet you at the finish at Lake St Clair

We agree the day and time you want to be met. Most catch the 1pm ferry, this means that we normally pick up at 2.45. This allows time to enjoy the cafe at Lake St Clair.

The alternative is to walk from the Narcissus Hut to the end of Lake St Clair. This is 17km. An option to stay at Echo Point half way along Lake St Clair.

We then drive down the Derwent Valley enjoying a complimentary drink to Hawthorn Lodge. This takes around 80 minutes.

Hot showers, unpack and enjoy an included three course dinner and sleep in our very comfortable bed.

Transfer to Hobart or Hobart Airport

For those going to Hobart or hiring a car we depart at 8.45am reaching Hobart at 9.25am. For those taking a flight we depart in time for your flight.


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