Cycling in Tasmania


 Tasmania Cycling

Many cycling options exist for both mountain biking and road cycling. Roads are fairly quiet in this part of Tasmania. We are able to transport you to the start of routes if needed or pick you up at the end of the day if wanting to do a one-way cycle.Tasmania Cycling Tour

Lonely Planet has the West Coast route that starts near us as one of the best cycle routes in the world. The road slowly climbing from Bushy Park to Derwent Bridge and Lake St Clair. Beyond is the winding road to Queenstown.

Another excellent cycle ride is the road to Strathgordon. The total distance around 100km passing through complete wilderness once you leave Maydena the last settlement. An option is to cycle out one day and stay at the Pedder Wilderness Lodge and return the next day. If you want to transported out and cycle back or vice versa, we can arrange.

For mountain biking, there are numerous options in the Styx forest behind Hawthorn Lodge and above the village of Maydena soon to be the site of the largest mountain bike park in the Southern Hemisphere with trails to be constructed.  There is an extensive network of forest roads that start behind the lodge and reached by a 10km hill climb on a gravel road. Great to come down on at the end of the day. We can drop you at the top if needed.

The North South Track that runs down the back of Mt Wellington is a very popular mountain bike track and ends/starts at the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park. For a one-way ride, best to start on Pinnacle Road on Mt Wellington and go downhill along the track.Derwent River

We are on the Tasmanian Trail which goes from the north to the south of Tasmania and a good stop over if cycling the full length.

Good cycle tracks follow the edge of the Derwent River closer to Hobart, you would need to drive to the start.

We very much welcome cyclists and pleased that many have stayed with us as they enjoy cycling in Tasmania. Some are at the end of the Tasmanian Trail a great off road cycle route. Others have chosen to go cycling in Tasmania to circuit the whole island and stay with us as they tackle the West Coast.

We have had those biking all around Australia and of those many have said cycling in Tasmania is one of the best parts of the whole trip.

We have tools, storage, air and if in trouble able to help out. We are also cyclists.




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