Overland Track Transfers & Transport

Overland Track Transfers & Transport




David and Marie are now operating from Sheffield Lodge located at 43 Main Street, Sheffield, Tasmania. The lodge is just 5o km from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre where you register for the Overland Track. Please contact



Overland Track Transfers with Hawthorn Lodge are the most popular choice for self guided groups undertaking the Overland Track.

The Overland Track in Tasmania, Australia is the perfect choice for groups and individuals of all ages. We’ve discovered just how popular and well-suited the Overland Track is, having supported with our Overland Track Transfers visitors from all walks of life, from around the world in enjoying this exceptional landscape. It comes as little surprise then, that it’s ranked as one of the world’s best multi-day hikes in the world.


As this is your adventure, you’re free to do the walking, carrying, cooking and navigating, to find your way and carve your own path. We provide an overland track transfer with transport to Cradle Mountain and pick up at Lake St Clair. Enjoy our very comfortable accommodation and hearty meals for before and after.

Hawthorn Lodge is a delightful heritage listed building built in 1869, Hawthorn Lodge has been welcoming guests ever since. Situated in the rural village of Bushy Park, located between Hobart and the end of the Overland Track at Lake St Clair, our lodge is ideally positioned for you to enjoy traditional, welcoming Tasmanian hospitality, both before and after your hiking adventure.

Overland  Track Transfers are offered from both Hobart and Launceston.

√ Low-cost all-inclusive packages

√ Fly into and depart from Hobart or Launceston or combination of both

√ Excellent accommodation and fantastic beds

√ Secure bag storage

√ Friendly local support and advice

√ Superb country dining, using locally grown produce

√ Last-minute shopping, with assistance for equipment hires and supplies

√ Comfortable overland track transfers, arriving at Cradle Mountain at 10.15, ahead of many groups

√ Flexible Lake St Clair pick up times to suit you

√ Opportunities to enjoy Hobart, upon arrival or after completing the track

√ Local emergency contact


Overland Track Transfers Map


All-inclusive Overland Track Transport with Accommodation & Meals

Our inclusive very popular overland track transfer package provides the best value, delivering all that you need for a round trip from Hobart or Hobart Airport. Take advantage of the many direct flights to Hobart and the lower fares. And the opportunity to have a few days in Hobart as part of your trip.

From the moment you’ve landed, your experience begins, as we aim to make the transfers, meals and accommodation all memorable parts of your adventure with us.

  • Pick up from Hobart or Hobart Airport, with optional pitstop at New Norfolk Woolworths and Anaconda
  • A welcome three course dinner, with first night accommodation & breakfast at Hawthorn Lodge
  • Morning transfer to Cradle Mountain, for a 10.15 arrival
  • Your hike begins!
  • Pre-arranged pick up and transfer from Lake St Clair, at a time to suit you
  • Victory three course dinner, with last night accommodation & breakfast at Hawthorn Lodge
  • Transfer to Hobart or Hobart Airport at a pre-agreed time
  • Baggage storage, emergency contact, local advice and support are available throughout your stay.


Overland Track Transport at a time to suit you!

Our overland track transfers with accommodation offer the best value but we realise some groups have sorted their own accommodation out and all you need is overland track transport. We agree the meeting point and time to suit you. If you have a car check out our option that includes accommodation as it represents better value if you want to leave your car at Lake St Clair.

You can reach Marie by email with the details of when you plan to do the Overland Track at:

Overland Track Tasmania

We’re happy to answer any questions and advise you on permit booking.

You’ll need to book a permit if you are doing the hike between 1 October and 31 May. This is easily done online with the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. Bookings open on the 1st July.

We do encourage you to book with us before the 1st July, as we tend to sell out various dates very quickly. If you find that the Overland Track Permit date you want is not available, we’ll be happy to amend your booking. We do suggest being quick to book your permit on the 1st July, as demand for peak dates will be very high.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you on your Overland Track experience!

Overland Track Equipment Hire

Like to travel light? We’ve got what you need. We stock a wide range of tents, rucksacks and other useful items, available for hire at great rates. This proves very popular and can save a lot of the hassle in having to bring these with you. Feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.


Overland Track Supplies

We stock camping gas and happy for supplies to be delivered before you arrive.


Hobart as the best entry point

We favour operating from Hobart, as there are more frequent and cost-efficient flights from various locations. The journey from Launceston to Cradle Mountain is slightly shorter, but we can still reach it by 10.15 – even after you’ve taken good time for a great breakfast with our home-made jams and bread! The return trip is shorter this way, which we believe works better for you as you’ll be looking forward to a shower and resting no doubt!

Many of our guests stay on in Hobart for an extra day after their hike, taking time to enjoy all that Hobart has to offer, including MONA and the various award-winning restaurants. If you’d prefer to explore Hobart at the beginning of your trip, perhaps arrange to arrive on an early flight into Hobart airport, where you can take the bus into town and we’ll pick you in the late afternoon.

It’s your call – we’re here to facilitate and cater to your adventure!

Overland Track Itinerary

Overland Track Itinerary

Overland Track Ferry

Overland Track Ferry

Overland Track Huts

Overland Track Huts

Overland Track Food

Overland Track Food

Overland Track Gear

Overland Track Gear

Overland Track Fauna

Overland Track Fauna

Overland Track Tips

Overland Track Tips

Overland Track Camping

Overland Track Camping

Overland Track Side Trips

Overland Track Side Trips


Accommodation is based on the use of a shared bathroom. Rooms are shared in the best combination.

We offer accommodation and overland track transfers. Hawthorn Lodge isnot responsible for any part of the Overland Walk and is carried out under your own management and responsibility.

Details on booking the Overland Track, payments and general advice is available from Tasmania Parks and Wildlife. Registration for the Overland Track is required from 1st October to 31 May inclusive and must be walked from North to South. At other times of the year no registration is needed but park fees apply and the track can be walked in either direction.

Booking for any overland track transfer or overland track accommodation is secured with a 50% deposit. The balance is paid on arrival.

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