Tasmania Mountain Biking - Hawthorn Lodge

Tasmania Mountain Biking

Tasmania Mountain Biking has really taken off in recent years. We have in Tasmania a number of constructed mountain bike parks.

Close to Hawthorn Lodge is the excellent Maydena Bike Park which continues to expand with new trails being all the time. The mountain bike trails are designed to suit all levels from expert to beginner. We offer excellent value packages for Maydena Bike Park with transfers.

At Maydena Bike Park there is an uplift service operated by a series of shuttle buses. If you are an experienced rider you will normally do about 5 runs a day. Maydena is very well resourced with a cafe at the bottom and the top of the mountain.

We are twenty minutes from Maydena and so a good place to stay if visiting Maydena Bike Park. We offer a package where we pick guests up at Hobart Airport and transfer to Maydena each day.

Closer to Hobart and about 30 minutes is the North South Track that starts at the Springs on Mt Wellington. We offer a day tour for Mt Wellington Mountain Biking.


Mt Wellington Mountain Biking
Transfer from Hawthorn Lodge to summit of Mt Wellington, mountain bike down the North South Track to Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park where we meet you at an agreed time. The vehicle carries up to 4 with mountain bikes. This tour is primarily for guests booked on a Maydena package but wanting a different experience on one day.
If whole group is booked on the Maydena Package and not doing a day at Maydena $60
For other residents $250
For non-residents with pick up in New Norfolk or Hobart $280
Does not include hire of mountain bikes.

We also have many forest roads behind Hawthorn Lodge which are excellent for mountain biking.

Maydena Bike Park Trail

Maydena Bike Park transfers 2

Maydena Bike Park transfers

Maydena Bike Park Facilities

Mountain biking

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