Platypus Tour Tasmania - Hawthorn Lodge

Platypus Tour Tasmania

Hawthorn Lodge is a perfect place to view a Platypus in the wild. Around Hawthorn Lodge are numerous rivers and streams teeming with wild Platypus.

Platypus Tour Tasmania

To view this unique creature in the natural habitat and observe them play, prey and swim requires patience and knowledge of where the best viewing places are.  Our highly experienced guides will show you the Platypus explaining all about the Platypus and provide opportunities to watch in the wild.Learn all about the unique nature of the Platypus and how it lays eggs and yet is a mammal and how it features as important in evolutionary biology.

The Platypus Tour includes one-night accommodation, breakfast and the tour. The tour can be either be late afternoon on the arrival day or the morning of your departure day. Please let us know which you prefer when booking. Accommodation for the Platypus Tour uses one of our rooms with a shared bathroom which can be upgraded to an ensuite room. A pick up in Hobart can be arranged for an additional fee if you do not have transport.

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