Heritage Garden and Tea Tour - Hawthorn Lodge

Heritage Garden and Tea Tour

Staying in Hobart or arriving on a cruise ship then no problem. Please join us on a tour of one of Tasmania’s oldest and most interesting gardens.

Hawthorn Lodge is the homestead of the original hop farmer- Ebenezer Shoobridge. He built the magnificent home for his son Robert as part of the huge hop farming area he created at Bushy Park- the largest hop farm outside of Kent.

Heritage Garden

The gardens are a delight as they have a mix of old trees, plants and flowers and newer more local editions have been added by each family over many years- from the 150-year-old Canadian Sequoias that frame the driveway and tower over the huge, old oaks on either side.

Hawthorn Lodge boasts the largest and oldest magnolia tree in Tasmania-and the Peony roses are stunning.

Then there are the fruit trees – from old, old apple trees (Ebenezer was also the first person to export Tassie apples to England), to pears, Victoria plums, quinces, rhubarb- and don’t get us started on the berries- every delicious variety. Amongst all this you are bound to spot our cheeky free range hens and ducks- with the most famous and friendliest chick being Miss Hoo!

Heritage Garden Hobart

Hawthorn Lodge is a beautiful garden to walk and linger in, then join us on the old veranda overlooking the gardens for Tassie’s Best Cream Tea. We serve a delectable old fashioned cream tea- using fine china cups and teapots, and serving our freshly baked scones with our delicious homemade raspberry jam and yes to top it off the delectable clotted cream.

This tour is suitable for all ages and abilities and it’s such a lovely way to see the rural side of this wonderful state. Be very careful it may make you homesick for the ‘Mother Country’



Tour duration: Two and half hours

Cost: $55/person (includes cream tea)

The tour meets every cruise ship and at other times on demand. Please do contact us if you want to join.


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