Lazy Runner Range - Hawthorn Lodge

Lazy Runner Range

Marie is the founder of “Lazy Runner”.

At Hawthorn Lodge, we of course stock the Lazy Runner range. Marie has written two books, Lazy Runner and Lazy Loser. Both very popular and if you buy direct she will of course sign your copy.

Lazy Runner will inspire anyone wanting to run or who already runs and wants to learn more. Lazy Loser the easy way to lose weight. Marie makes it dead simple.

Lazy Runner Aquaskins are the new great way to take water with you when you are running.

Lazy Runner Hydra Pouches are a great way to hydrate on a run, without having to carry drinks.

Marie has tested many different Running Singlets and the Lazy Runner singlets we sell are the best and of high quality but not high price tag.

We also have Fleecy Tops that are warm and lightweight, as well as Running T Shirts and Polo Tops.

And of course the Lazy Runner Cap is a stock standard item for all runners, it’s mesh and light and can come with the Lazy Runner Logo printed on the front.

All items are available at the Hawthorn Lodge gift shop.

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