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Book Overland Track

During the period 1 October until 31 May the Overland Track has to be booked. This is done online at Parks and Wildlife Service Australia.

To book overland track visit:

You also have to walk from North to South during these months.

Overland Track Transfers and Accommodation Mady Easy

There is no need to book overland track at other times and all you need to buy is the National Park Pass. You can also walk in either direction.

Booking for each season opens on 1 July. Every year numbers increase so we suggest book once you have decided to go for it. By booking you have taken the first step in a great adventure.

The cost to book overland track is $200/person with some concessions for $160. You can book in as a group for up to 8 with the maximum departures on any one day being 34. The Overland Track booking does allow for another two groups of up to 13 allocated for commercial operators and community groups.

This means a maximum of 60 are allowed to start on the Overland Track. At busy times, all places will be taken so do book early.

This also means that there is a lot of pressure at registration and on the first hut at Waterfall Valley so one reason why we like to arrive at about 10.15am to ensure our guests are ahead of the Tassie Link bus that arrives later.

You will also have to pay for a Parks Pass which you can buy when you book or once in Tasmania.This will cost $30 and valid for eight weeks so can be used for other national parks if you extend your stay in Tasmania. The fee does include the use of the Cradle Mountain Shuttle you need to use to take you from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre to the start at Ronny Creek.

A ranger does patrol the Overland Track and will check your permit and whether you have a National Park Pass.

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