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April 2, 2017
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David and Marie have now moved to 43 Main Street, Sheffield and offer accommodation and the Lazy Tea Rooms.  To contact please email Marie


David and Marie tell their story of Hawthorn Lodge.  A move from Queensland to Tasmania. A move from City to Country.  A classic “Escape from the City” story  with an appearance on the ABC TV show  where Marie recounts her experience and demonstrates making raspberry jam.

Click on each heading below o read each part of the Hawthorn Lodge blog. And follow the Hawthorn Lodge story on instagram: #hawthornlodgetasmania.

Hawthorn Lodge is discovered

A mid winter trip from Brisbane and we end buying a lodge! Why and how??????

Back in Brisbane

The second part of the Hawthorn Lodge blog is set in Brisbane and how David and Marie planned the big move and change in life style to set up Hawthorn Lodge.  Did we have second thoughts???

David arriving in Tasmania

David’s story of the drive down to Tasmania and setting up the bed and breakfast. How do you move all the stuff and get ready for new guests in two days???

The Fawlty Files

Marie recounts a few funny stories about David! What can go wrong???


Chickens have featured in life at Hawthorn Lodge as told by Marie. Are they easy to keep??

David the farmer

David the natural farmer, yes or no???









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