The Wall - Hawthorn Lodge

The Wall

Just before Lake St Clair is The Wall a sculpture carved out of Huon Pine tracing the history of the Central Highlands.

The Wall is located at Derwent Bridge and takes a little under 90 minutes to reach. This combines well with a visit to Lake St Clair a short distance beyond. The drive from Hawthorn Lodge to Derwent Bridge is attractive passing open farmland and the villages of Hamilton with it’s Georgian buildings. Beyond Ouse the road climbs up through the forest passing several lakes which make good stopping points. A stop can be made at Tarraleah the old hydro village where you can see the hydroelectric plant.

Greg Duncan is carving out of wood the history of the Tasmania Highlands. A work of total passion and involves 100 panels each three metres high all placed back to back. The finished length is expected to be 100 metres.

Greg started the carving in 2003.

Originally, we did wonder suggesting The Wall as a place to visit as you have to pay an entry fee for what is a relatively small art work.  Feedback from guests has been very positive and all come inspired and amazed what one individual can do if they set their mind to it. Maybe similar to the effort Michelangelo had when painting the Sistine Chapel.

The detail in the sculpture is often commented on.

The set up at the The Wall is good and there is a café and the story is told.



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